Manama Entrepreneurship Week in collaboration with Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 initiative presents the "Most Innovative App in Bahrain Competition”!
With the growing importance of mobile applications, this competition aims to showcase the level of innovation, creativity and outreach of Apps in Bahrain. 

Entry Requirements:
  • Startups that are currently based in Bahrain.
  • The competition is open to both genders.
  • The application can be an idea on paper or an already established venture.
  • All entries must be submitted electronically by filling out and submitting the application form below by midnight October 16, 2019.
  • It would be considered a bonus if the App helps further global women’s empowerment. “We are working to reach a BILLION women in 2020 with community connection and financial impact.  How can your app help us reach that goal?”
  • It would be considered a plus if the App includes ways to integrate crypto/ blockchain as a payment mechanism to help create a global marketplace.
  • Entries will be judged by Ingrid Vanderveldt, Chairman and CEO of EBW2020, after a filtering process that is done by the Manama Entrepreneurship Week’s Team.
  • Winner will be announced by Ingrid Vanderveldt on 20 October 2019 at the Opening Ceremony of Manama Entrepreneurship Week at Ritz Carlton Hotel.
The Prize of the competition:
The winner will win an invitation with paid expenses to MintHer's Billionaire Weekend for Women in AUSTIN, TEXAS from 30 January – 2 February 2020! A game-changing experience to access the community that brings decision makers from the entrepreneurial (innovators, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs) and enterprise (investors, corporates, government) worlds together to drive social and economic impact.  VALUE of Prize ~ USD 10,000
The winning App will be featured in the Manama Entrepreneurship Week marketing material and will have a session to present the App at the Opening of MEW2019.